The first component of service is to provide volunteers with the opportunity to work within a convenient environment to

grasp the various work-lives in developing our communities in Cape Coast and Ghana as a whole. The Organisation works within several sectors: 


Volunteers support the children in their daily needs at the orphanage, helping them in their studies and guiding them. Volunteers will act as staff support to help with daily tasks that the local staff is overwhelmed to complete.  The volunteer will also inspire the children by creating exciting activities for the children to do in their spare time, keeping them motivated and helping to create a safe and nurturing environment for the children to flourish. The workers and the volunteers are working together in a team, so you need to be a team player and open minded to the Ghanaian culture. As a good volunteer, you should be friendly, creative, spontaneous and for sure interested in the Ghanaian culture.

Please note; due to the nature of projects involving children, the minimum duration of stay for school projects is 4 weeks.


Volunteering and working in the hospital is an important way to learn and help. It allows you to have a deeper understanding of the Ghanaian healthcare system and appreciate working with limited resources. Your experience with the hospital will be educative, challenging, convenient and affordable. Learning opportunities are diverse therefore we provide the learning goals with guidance. We ensure that our volunteers have enough experience throughout their time with the organisation. Volunteers will have the chance to choose which medical areas or departments they are more comfortable with and prefer to work. Departments within which volunteers can participate in are:











The organisation works with the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital, which is the largest in the Central Region of Ghana, The Metropolitan Hospital, University of Cape Coast hospital, Ewim Polyclinic and some private hospitals in Cape Coast (Baiden Ghartey Mem. Hospital, Doctors in Service (DIS), and Sanford World Clinics).

In the course of the program, volunteers will be working with Community Health Facilities to also experience the lowest forms of healthcare in Cape Coast.


Volunteers are provided with the opportunities to educate schools, orphanages, communities, churches, etc. within the Cape Coast Metropolis on health related topics. These programs and topics will be selected together with the volunteer, research and health professionals, social workers to ascertain which topics will be relevant to these target groups in the Metropolis. Topics will range from personal hygiene, cholera, malaria, STI's, environmental sanitation, child rights protection and promotion, etc. The organisation will also partner with institutions with similar vision to achieve these objectives.


Working with the Deparments of Social Welfare and Community Development will enhance your ability to understand social issues related in the Ghanaian society. The Department has three main divisions. These are Community Care, Child Right Protection and Promotion and Justice Administration. Within these core areas, volunteers will be presented with opportunities to work with persons with disability, register and monitor the activities of NGOs/CBO, Day Care Centres, Orphanages, etc., work on family cases such as child maintenances or supports, child custody, paternity and family reconciliation. This will also provide a wide range of activities to work with these social classes.


The organisation will provide a wide range of schools for volunteers to work within. Volunteers will co-teach with Ghanaian professional teachers, learn the Ghanaian education system, the syllabus, educate and teach children within the strength of the volunteer. Areas within which volunteers can teach are; ICT, French, English, Integrated science, Vocational Skills, etc. Also volunteers can help the organisation to setup clubs in various schools to educate students on the roles of Non-Governmental and Community based organisations. 
Please note; due to the nature of projects involving children, the minimum duration of stay for school projects is 4 weeks.

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There is a well finished house for volunteer to stay during the program. This house can take up to 30 volunteers at a time and will be given breakfast and dinner every day during the stay including phones and data usage. There will be a taxi pick up from the house where the volunteers stay to do their working field every morning and back to the house  after the work during the stay of the program to ensure security, safety and easy transport between work and the house.

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